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SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My Profile Winds won’t be huge issue with this system, however we will see some gusts in the 60 80 km/h range and some blowing snow late afternoon, this evening and through tonight. Amounts of 5 10 cm are set for areas of Central Newfoundland with winds gusts 50 60 km/h. Lighter snow of 2 5 cm toflurries for Western Newfoundland, Northern Peninsula and across Labrador on Tuesday.

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— I go to the beauty salon after work; it’s a weekly

canada goose I make $43,000 a year in New York City — here's what I spent in a week Refinery29 May 9, 2017, 10:23 AM Life is expensive. Sorbis / Welcome to Money Diaries, where we’re tackling what might be the last taboo facing modern working women: money. We’re asking millennials how they spend their hard-earned money during a seven-day period — and we’re tracking every last dollar. This week: a financial coordinator making $43,000/year who spends it on cabs to and from her boyfriend’s place. Occupation: Financial Coordinator Industry: Medical Age: 27 Location: NYC Salary: $43,000 Paycheck Amount (weekly): $650 Monthly Expenses Monthly Housing Costs: $640 a month, utilities included. I’m a single parent and live with my aunt and my son. Monthly Loan Payments: $0 since I qualified for financial aid. All Other Expenses Gym membership: $10.45 MetroCard: $31/week, pre-tax Credit Cards: $70/month. (Why was I so reckless?!)Savings: I really try to save at least $100/month.Phone bill: My share on a family plan is $80/month.Apple Music: I pay $7 and my sister pays the rest of the $14.99 subscription.Netflix: $0, thanks to my older sister.Health insurance: $65/week for me and my son. (My son’s dad is unemployed at the moment and not helping me financially right now.) 1/ Day One Isidor Emanuel/Unsplash 7 a.m.— I refill my weekly MetroCard before heading to work. $318 a.m.— I get to the hospital where we have a Starbucks onsite. I order a grande iced coffee and then go to the cafeteria for tater tots with sausage. I would save a lot more money if I didn’t spend so much on food. I almost never cook — I really hate it — so I eat out for breakfast, lunch and dinner. $612 p.m.— I go to the hospital cafeteria and buy a really decent-sized salad for lunch, and I get 15% off because I am an employee. I’m trying to eat healthier and go for salads at least three times a week. $4.405 p.m.— I head to my dermatology appointment on the Upper West Side. I have pretty nasty eczema out of nowhere and it’s driving me insane. My insurance covers me 100%, no copay. 8 p.m.— Finally home after my derm appointment. I have an allergy test on my back and have to go back in two days to remove it. I spend some time with my son and make him a sandwich for dinner. We cuddle a little bit before bed. Daily Total: $41.40 2/ Day Two A Starbucks coffee shop in New York Thomson Reuters 6:20 a.m.— My alarm goes off. I stay in bed for a little bit and browse through Amazon. Prime is legit a lifesaver. I order some cups for my son and new tweezers because I have no idea where I put mine. I jump in the shower and then get my son ready. After I drop him off at school, I head to work. $208 a.m.— I go to the hospital cafeteria and order breakfast and a coffee from Starbucks. I use my discount and then head upstairs to my room. $612 p.m.— I’m feeling lazy and decide not to walk to the other side of the hospital for my salad. Instead, I go to my regular café and get a ham and cheese whole-wheat wrap. I have water upstairs, so I don’t need to spend money on a beverage. During the week, I only drink water and coffee, no juice or soda. $5.405:30 p.m. — I make it home from work and call my boyfriend. We usually see each other twice a week, so we chat for a bit and make plans to see each other tomorrow. I make dinner for my son — mac and cheese and a glass of milk — and we watch Moana on our Amazon Fire stick. (Thanks, babe.) 8 p.m.— It’s time for bed. Daily Total: $31.40 3/ Day Three Christiana Rivers/Unsplash 6:30 a.m.— I snoozed this morning so I’m rushing to get my son ready for school. I don’t have to worry about breakfast for him because his school provides free breakfast. He eats waffles or cereal once he gets there at 7:30. 8 a.m.— I go to Starbucks and have a medium iced coffee and sausage with corned beef hash. $6.001 p.m.— I take lunch a little later since a coworker brought me another coffee around 11 a.m. I walk over to the other hospital building and buy a crispy chicken salad. $4.405 p.m.— I get to my dermatology follow-up appointment. She checks the allergy test (apparently, I’m allergic to nickel) and gives me suggestions for a new body wash and soap to use. I make a mental note to stop by Duane Reade during lunch tomorrow to pick them up. 6:30 p.m.— I’m really lucky to live with my aunt; she’s amazing. She picks up my son from school and feeds him once they’re home, usually rice and chicken. Once I get home, I make him a ham and cheese sandwich and we cuddle and watch Wall-E until bedtime. I make myself a tuna sandwich before bed. 8 p.m.— I take a Lyft to and from my boyfriend’s house; he lives in the Bronx, about 20 minutes away from me. We catch up on The Flash and cuddle. I almost always pay for my own cabs because I make more money than he does, but when we go out for date night (usually once a week, instead of staying in) he picks up the tab. I leave around midnight and climb into bed when I get home. I’m going to be so tired tomorrow. $40 4/ Day Four Justin Sullivan/Getty 6:50 a.m.— I’m so tired! I snooze three times and then force myself to jump out of bed. My son is truly the best kid ever. He’s a morning person and never gives me any issues getting him up. I’m blessed! I vividly remember giving my own mother hell every morning before school. 8 a.m.— I have my usual coffee and breakfast at the cafe. I get a cold brew today because it’s a little stronger and I feel like a zombie. $612 p.m.— I head to Duane Reade before getting lunch. I pick up Aveeno Skin Relief body wash, Aveeno lotion, and a small cocoa butter stick for a nasty pimple I had last week. I apply this at night before bed and it helps with the scar. I also pick up a new shower sponge. $3012:30 p.m.— I get a crispy chicken salad, grab some water from the cooler, and eat at my desk on break while watching last night’s Criminal Minds episode. $4.405 p.m.— I go to the beauty salon after work; it’s a weekly expense for me. A wash-and-set is $20, plus tip. $257:30 a.m.— I go to the supermarket before heading home and do some food shopping for my son. I buy ham, cheese, bread, mac and cheese, milk, juice , cake, and some fruit snacks. $308 p.m.— I put the groceries away and call my boyfriend. We chat for a bit and try to decide on Friday night plans while I make my son dinner. I put my son to bed and climb into bed to watch The Blacklist before I go to sleep.Daily Total: $95.40 5/ Day Five Getty Images/Scott Olson 6:25 a.m.— I don’t hit snooze today! I get up and get us ready for the day. My aunt is awake and makes coffee before I leave. I give my son $2 before I drop him off, in case he wants chips after school. $2 8 a.m.— I skip having a big breakfast today and grab coffee and a banana at Starbucks. I don’t feel like eating. $3 1 p.m.— I meet an old coworker from my previous job at the hospital for lunch. We go to a Mexican place around the hospital and get burritos and and one margarita each. I pick up the tab. $45 8 p.m.— My boyfriend picks me up and we decide to go see John Wick 2; he pays. We head to his house after and go to sleep since the movie ran pretty late. Daily Total: $50 6/ Day Six Reuters 11 a.m.— I wake up at my boyfriend’s. We cuddle for a bit and then I take a cab home. I really wish he would offer to pay… $20 12 p.m.— I arrive home and spend the afternoon with my son. Later, we head over to my mom’s for lunch and chill there for a bit.4 p.m.— I take my son to see the new Lego movie. I buy him chicken tenders and a slushy at the movies. He loves the movie , but falls asleep while it’s playing. $407 p.m.— We’re home from the movies and spend the rest of the day in bed watching TV until bedtime.Daily Total: $60 7/ Day Seven David Mao / Unsplash 9:30 a.m.— My son goes with his dad to his grandparents’ house every Sunday, so I usually spend the day at home in bed or doing chores. I get him ready and his dad picks him up at 10 a.m. 12 p.m.— My mom brings me food, bless her heart. I’m in bed catching up on shows from the week. I try and do the bare minimum on Sundays. 6 p.m.— My son is back. I order Chinese food and look over his homework before bedtime. I also iron his uniform for school and my slacks and blouse for work on Monday. $12Daily Total: $12 8/ Summary Refinery 29 Money Diaries are meant to reflect individual women’s experiences and do not necessarily reflect Refinery29′s point of view. Refinery29 in no way encourages illegal activity or harmful behavior. The first step to getting your financial life in order is tracking what you spend – to try on your own, check out our guide to managing your money every day . For more money diaries, click here . Have a money diary you’d like to share? Email .Check out more Money Diaries on Refinery29 ! Previous 1/ Next Read the original article on Refinery29. Copyright 2018. Follow Refinery29 on Twitter. SEE ALSO: I'm an attorney in New York City who makes $240,000 a year — here's what I spend in a week canada goose parka

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Google Calendars is a wonderful application, offered for free. All you have to do is sign up, and if you have a Google account you use with other services like Gmail, AdSense, and AdWords, you can use it here too. If not, you should read Google Calendar: Creating an Account for help getting set up.

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Fox had a better night than any its competitors, scoring a total of eight trophies from the Hollywood Foreign Press Assn. For its movie and TV properties. Comcast was the. You can also play games. 29, 2018″ > >Chicago festivals this week: Chicago Jazz Festival, North Coast Music Festival, Taste of Polonia FestivalMusic is in the air this Labor Day weekend with Chicago Jazz Festival and North Coast Music Festival. Also celebrate a diversity of cultures with African Festival of the Arts and Taste of Polonia Festival.

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There has been no spike resulting from recent matches

Brand machine called Virat Kohli gets Rs 1

His unbeaten 55 in the match against arch rivals Pakistan in the ongoing ICC T 20 World Cup had many on the edge.

cheap moncler outlet Not just the scores of Virat Kohli fans, but also a clutch of brand moncler outlet online managers cheap moncler coats and advertisers on the hunt for a worthy inheritor to Brand Dhoni. cheap moncler outlet

Maybe, but advertisers are treading cautiously, waiting till the close of the championship when the team position and Kohli role are more clearly defined, before moncler outlet making their move.

monlcer down jackets Kohli brand team is wasting no time, however. monlcer down jackets

An animated avatar of Kohli will be launched digitally as part of a series on YouTube Play in May this year along with the launch of merchandise (caps, wrist bands) with Kohli logo (in the making).

Already Kohli has beaten the rest of the team in terms of his endorsement fee.

moncler outlet store His moncler factory outlet MRF bat for the championship fetched Rs 8 crore (Rs 80 million) as compared to MS Dhoni Rs 6 crore (Rs 60 million). moncler outlet store

cheap moncler jackets He gets, on an average, Rs 1.5 crore (Rs 15 million) a day for his brands while Dhoni gets between Rs 1 and 1.5 crore (Rs 10 15 million). cheap moncler jackets

Also, Kohli positioning as a brash young batsman with attitude who does not hesitate to show his emotions on the field (unlike his captain) makes him a perfect fit for brands targeting the urban young.

moncler moncler sale outlet outlet Brand experts believe that look these up although the crown seems to fit him the best, there is still some time before he can be anointed the brand of cool. moncler outlet

moncler mens jackets don think brands will sign him on right away. moncler mens jackets

“They will wait and see how the World Cup pans out and then take their pick. Of course, Kohli will be among the most sought after, says moncler jackets outlet Indranil Das Blah, partner and COO, CAA KWAN, a sports and celebrity management agency.

Bunty Sajdeh, CEO Cornerstone, the sports and celebrity management agency that manages Kohli informs that enquiries for Kohli endorsement services have not shot up yet.

“Being on top of his game consistently, Virat gets his share and we look into these on a weekly basis. There has been no spike resulting from recent matches, but there are new offers and conversations on a regular basis. Kohli is the undisputed star with 13 brands under his belt, including MRF, Pepsi, Adidas, Audi, Vicks, Boost, USL, TVS, Smaash, Nitesh moncler outlet sale Estate, Tissot, Herbalife, and Colgate.

moncler sale outlet Dhoni list is marginally longer with around 15 endorsement deals. moncler sale outlet

moncler sale But, experts believe, the value and nature of the deal gives Kohli the edge. moncler sale

moncler outlet online of Virat deals are long term (two years or more) and he commits four to five days a year to the brand. Dhoni on the other hand has some deals that are for only a year, with a commitment of one day, says an executive in the know. moncler outlet online

Interestingly both Dhoni and his prot Kohli are at par with the breed of young male actors from Bollywood Varun Dhawan, Siddharth Malhotra and Ranveer Singh.

But they lag behind the likes of Ranbir Kapoor and the Khans.

cheap moncler sale The difference in the rates is moncler outlet jackets meant to account for the visibility and performance factor says brand valuation specialists. cheap moncler sale

If a cricketer is out of form, his presence in the press is through negative articles.

On the other hand, an actor spends a lot of time in the media before and after the release and brands find it easier to tackle the cheap moncler jackets consequences of a failed movie, than an out of form cricketer, explains one expert.

Consider Ranbir Kapoor, he has not had a hit since 2013 (Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani) but still commands up to Rs 2.5 crore a day for endorsements.

cheap moncler coats However it is not the number but the value ascribed to an endorser that matters. cheap moncler coats

moncler outlet sale Neerav Tomar, MD and CEO, IOS Sports, the agency that moncler outlet store manages Suresh Raina and Mary Kom says, is at his peak. He is already in the big league. moncler outlet sale

cheap moncler “At this stage, moncler outlet uk it not as if he will suddenly start endorsing more brands. believes that Kohli has positioned himself as a cricketer with an urban youth appeal cheap moncler.

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Years of data suggest consumers want to eat better quality food

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Either way, I don believe that anyone has the moncler outlet

Do you have a right to a C

I confess moncler outlet online store I never buy moncler jackets toronto thought about it before. Society deny you the right to a C section? That sounds very bad to me. Terrible injustices even tragedies can occur when strangers and institutions get involved in other people’s medical decisions.

buy moncler jackets So I was taken aback when I saw this story moncler jacket outlet about women who suffer from birth anxiety in Norway. Apparently Norwegian women don’t have the right to an “automatic Caesarian,” a term that seems to mean something like “a Caesarian performed on the basis of the patient’s request.” And while women’s wishes moncler jacket online are supposed to be “taken into moncler jackets account,” not everybody agrees that is happening.

Ellen Ramvi at the University of Stavanger and midwife Margrethe Tangerud interviewed five women who gave birth vaginally moncler jackets mens after requesting a Caesarian. A theme emerged a general attitude among health workers that some women’s birth anxieties should “make sense” moncler coats for kids if they are to deserve our concern.

moncler outlet sale As moncler jackets cheap Tangerud puts it, some women had fears that could be understood by health professionals, but others didn’t. And when medical folk “could find no obvious reason for the birth anxiety, the women experienced little understanding of their wish for a Caesarean.”

moncler sale So the moncler coats cheap requests were denied and the women felt they moncler coats for cheap had no say in the matter.

“Nobody listened when I tried to explain my position. I was quite simply not given a choice. It was an inhuman decision,” said one of the women interviewed. Another recalls how the lack of sympathy for her anxiety influenced the course of her pregnancy. “I thought I was going to die. The doctor looked so stern. I felt he was cross. I think you can become so afraid of giving birth that the moncler coats child becomes unwanted.”

cheap moncler sale Does a poor handling of birth anxiety fears have long term consequences? That seems likely. In this Official Moncler Outlet small case study, three of the women interviewed said they had trouble bonding with their babies. Maybe that would have happened anyway. But it’s no secret that good social support discount moncler jackets during pregnancy and childbirth helps women cope with motherhood.

moncler outlet online Controlled studies have shown that women who have sympathetic, understanding companions with them during childbirth experience better postpartum outcomes. Can we really doubt that being denied a Caesarian and feeling helpless and disrespected by the process would lead to trouble?

cheap moncler “Every woman has the right to have her anxieties taken seriously,” says Ramvi in this press release. “That also applies to the ones who can’t explain or don’t understand the reasons for their own fears.”

moncler mens jackets And when I think about the bigger picture of patient rights, all those bad stories loom large. You heard them maybe you experienced them yourself. Patronizing encounters with medical professionals who make the wrong call and create unnecessary suffering.

moncler outlet store Stacie Lewis has written about the infuriating smugness of people who assume that all normal pregnancies that end with an elective Caesarean happen because the women wanted that they the mothers were posh to push.

cheap moncler coats But what if she lived in a society where her views could be dismissed? It a frightening thought. And it about attitudes as much as it about laws. When medical professionals are patronizing, patients moncler jackets on sale are more likely to have their rights overlooked or abused.

moncler outlet If this blog post interests you, check out my discussion of the women who claims that a hospital circumcized her baby son against her wishes. See also my post, your doctor moncler outlet usa prescribing placebos? And if you suffer from childbirth anxiety, check out my Parenting Science article, and post traumatic stress. by Canwest news/ wikimedia commons

A similar attitude exists here in the UK, but varies greatly between hospitals. After attempting a natural birth but ending up with an emergency C section and a number of postnatal problems I was told by one (major teaching) hospital that I couldn choose a C section in future unless I could prove to a Psychiatrist that I needed one. When I saw doctors at another hospital they agreed immediately to a C section if I want one.

Needless moncler outlet online to say I am with the second discount moncler outlet hospital as even if I decide against the C section I at least feel they are treating me as moncler jackets outlet online a sensible human being with options about her own body, rather moncler outlet canada than an irrational little woman!

I had a c secion with my first b/c he was breech, and I tried EVERYTHING to turn moncler outlets usa him, even moncler outlet uk an external cephalic version. Nothing. Would. Flip. This. Kid. LOL. Now, it ended up moncler jackets for women being medically necessary to have a c section for my moncler outlet location daughter as well, but before we knew that I opted for an elective c section. A big, big part of it was b/c I was terrified of the risk of uterine rupture. Yes, I knew the risk was small with a VBAC, barring that I didn need to be induced, or that the moncler outlets uk baby wasn breech again or any other number of reasons that would make a VBAC moncler chicago not a great idea. So, I can see, as with Stacie Lewis case as well, how not ALL elective c sections are b/c women are cheap moncler jackets outlet posh to push. Either way, I don believe that anyone has the moncler outlet woodbury right to make medical decisions for anyone else. Period. End of story. That is a discussion that needs to happen moncler coats sale between you and your doctor, and even then, only YOU can make those decisions in the end. moncler outlet mall If your doctor doesn agree with you on what to do with YOUR body. Find another doctor.

I disagree. Unless there is a medical reason for a C section, I just don see where moncler outlet kids it should be performed. It is much more costly than a vaginal birth, so if everyone started choosing to have C sections it is definitely going to drive up medical costs even more. I guess it is different if you are paying out of pocket, but I think it is unfair that an elective procedure would drive up my insurance rates or drive up the costs of our Medicare system. And to reiterate, I mean this for elective, not medically necessary C sections.

moncler sale outlet I moncler jackets outlet agree that medical decisions should be the patient choosing. I do, however, think that the price I pay for maternity insurance coverage could be reduced if C sections were performed when medically indicated. What if elective C sections were paid for cheap moncler coats for women by the patient? That might be a good compromise.

I do not have the right to cheap moncler jackets determine my medical treatments, doctors do. I cannot elect medications of my choosing when not indicated or surgeries that are not medically indicated.

cheap moncler outlet What if I 2018 moncler black friday had a fear of my appendix bursting, could I demand that it be removed at the insurance company expense?

monlcer down jackets I am all supporting moncler jackets kids the rights of women in childbirth but sometimes you don get to call all the shots and have someone else pay for it.

cheap moncler jackets cheap moncler AS am certain that the Norwegian government agrees with you. They are a socialist country and all medical procedures, including birth, are paid for by the government, and they moncler jackets men are very mindful of not spending more money than necessary. Having been to Norway in recent months, I would bet that at some time in the future, their government will launch a campaign to limit family size. After all, it not fair for the government to spend money on a third, unnecessary child Moncler Factory Outlet when most Norwegian families only have two children.

I think that if anxiety meds are covered by the government funded healthcare (and I am certain they are in Norway), then they are recognizing that anxiety IS a recognized medical condition. It like they are moncler outlet ny saying is real, unless it is related to birth. If it related to birth, then it is all cheap moncler jackets wholesale in your head. not saying that I agree womens moncler jackets or disagree with this. I just saying they have an interesting take on anxiety.