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The Vibe: Drop OutGet the Look: The runway at Coach 1941 was a nod to rebellious youth, and the shaggy hair mimicked that feel. Skip shampooing for a few days, add mousse for texture, then flip the ends up with a flat iron. 

The Vibe: Blowout Babe

Get the Look: Michelle Pfeiffer’s look in Scarface inspired the hair at Cushnie et Ochs’ spring show. After giving your hair a deep side part, blow it out with a rounded brush for sweeping curled ends.

The Vibe: Surf grungeGet the Look: The entire beauty look at Baja East was intended to look sweaty and  worn-in. Solve greasy bedhead with Baja East’s easy bandana solution. 

The Vibe:  ”Jackie O on vacation in Capri” Get the Look: Apply hair oil to damp hair, then blow dry straight. Part your hair down the middle and straighten back. Using a three barrel wave curler, make waves from mid shaft to ends, and set with hair spray. The Kit: Sebastian Professional Mousse Forte, Professional Dark Oil, Professional Shaper Fierce, Professional Shine Define, Professional Sublimate, and Professional Shaper Fierce

The Vibe: Festival lingeringGet the Look: To get the lowkey look created by hairstylist Jeanie Syfu, approach your hair casually. Start by applying a thickening moose to your roots to promote volume, then blow dry it out. Loosely divide your hair down the middle and fishtail each side, letting strands stick out. Secure with clear elastics and loosen the braid apart. The Kit: TRESemmé

The Vibe: Natural GlamGet the Look: “We addressed each girls’ hair,” said James Pecis. He embraced textures and approached each model individually. To get this high ponytail, spray thickening hair at the roots and brush the hair up toward the top back of your crown. Secure the ponytail with two elastics—one on top of the other—the create volume. Flat iron the ponytail, hide the elastic with leather ribbon, then finish with hair spray. The Kit: Oribe Maximista Thickening Spray, Superfine Hair Spray

The Vibe: Bardot Betties Get the Look: Anna Sui girls went full Brigitte Bardot, sporting her iconic choucroute beehive. 

The Vibe: Playful YouthGet the Look: Hair Stylist Thom Priano gave the models tight curls and pulled them up for a high, voluminous ponytail, letting the hair fall toward the face. 

The vibe: Nostalgic

Get the look: Lead hairstylist Odile Gilbert prepped the hair with leave-in conditioner before drying with a diffuser to give really soft texture. Inspired by kids crafts, she created barrettes and headbands using bits of fabric from the dresses. “You do some knots and you cut it in a very innocent way,” she explained. “So instead of putting the headband on the top of the head, we put it in a very poetic way.”

The Kit: Wella Enrich Leave-in Cream.

The Vibe: Closing timeGet the Look:  Going for a lived-in, deflated look, hair stylist Paul Hanlon created nesty side swept bangs and a low ponytail with remnants curls. ”You get the feeling that this hair was once set and it’s kind of fallen out at the end of a night,” he said.The Kit: John Masters Organics Leave-In Conditioning Mist, Volumizing Foam, Sea Mist.

The Vibe: Post-BathtimeGet the Look: For those not wearing shower caps, hairstylist Jimmy Paul created “created big, blown-up manes.” Part your hair in the middle and apply and apply a volume-boosting spray to your roots. Using a small-barrel curling iron, curl your hair from mid-shaft down. Brush out with your fingers and set with hair spray.  The Kit: Bumble and bumble

The Vibe: ’80s Jetsons

Get the Look: Jeremy Scott’s models wore sleek and straight wigs, courtesy of hair stylist Eugene Souleiman. The Kit: Wella Professionals

The Vibe: Twisted minimalismHow to Get the Look: Start by blowdrying your hair pin-straight with a round bristle brush. Then use a straightener all over to discourage kinks or strays. Make a deep side part, comb the top of your hair back and hairspray it down. Take two-inch sections from your temple and comb back and across and secure by using an elastic to attach it to the opposite side. Repeat this to the other side of your head high quality replica designer bags , and tuck the hair bands under. The Kit: TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Keratin Infusing Smoothing Serum, Tres Two Two Extra-Firm Control Gel, and Tres Two Firm Hold Non Aerosol Hairspray.

The vibe: Wild sideGet the Look: Laurent Philippon did everything from punk-inspired, sky-high spikes to ultra long, rainbow braids made with Halloween-cheap synthetic hair. ”We have the best fun at this show. We play with their personality,” he said. The Kit:  Bumble and bumble invisible oil, hairspray

The Vibe: Chill surferHow to Get the Look: Hairstylist Guido Palau worked with the lived-in waves the models received during their hectic fashion week schedules. “I’ve finished it up with a bit of Rough Paste to give it a chunky, matte feel,” he said. “It’s inspired by the sea and being in the sun to get that sexy, matte look.”

The Kit: Redken Fashion Waves 07, Rough Paste 12.

The Vibe: Elevated ballerina Get the Look: First maximize shine with a glossy styling cream. Section off your hair into top and bottom ponytails at the crown and middle of your head. Twist the ponytails around both bases counter clockwise and secure with bobby pins.The Kit: Fekkai Brilliant Glossing Crème, Blowout Sealing Serum, and Sheer Hold Hairspray.

The Vibe: Minimal but sculptural How to Get the Look: Custo Barcelona went sleek and sculpted. Start with a slicked back mid-ponytail. Comb hair back and fold into a flat figure-8, tucking the ends behind and securing with two hair accessories. 

The vibe: Sleek and polished

Get the Look: With cues from the designer to look “modern” and “understated,” hairstylist Guido Palau flat-ironed the models’ middle-parted, one-length hair ultra straight with a glossy finish. “This hair is at once polished and rich, but also simple and chic,” said Palau.

The kit: Redken Satinwear 02 lotion and Forceful 23 hairspray; ghd natural bristle radial brush size 2, the Air Hairdryer, and the Platinum Styler.

The vibe: Major dramaGet the Look: When Phillipe Blond walked backstage to check on the models’ bleach blonde, massively curly wigs, he had one request: “BIGGER.” Thus, hairstylist Rafe Hardy showered the coils with hairspray and continued teasing them right up until the models were walking down the runway. The kit:  Big Sexy Hair Spray and Play Harder.

The Vibe: Beach sexGet the Look: “It is definitely sexy and represents the moment when you get out of the water at the beach and push your hair back,” said hairstylist Odile Gilbert. To get the look, wet your hair with a spray bottle from roots to ends. Apply a cream all over, then brush it straight back. Use a diffuser to lightly dry hair and add texture, then spritz on hair shine to fake the wet hair look.

The Kit: Kérastase Crème de la Crème, Forme Fatale, and Laque Dentelle.

The Vibe: Grown-up girlyHow to Get the Look: ”The central theme for spring/summer is elevating the ordinary,” says Tibi designer Amy Smilovic. They applied this to the hair by updating the classic low pony. Tease the base to create more volume for your accessory—they used  belts and ribbons at Tibi—to cling to. The Kit: Aveda Damage RemedyTM Split End Repair, Thickening Tonic, Air Control.

The Vibe: X-RatedHow to Get the Look: “The inspiration was this idea of mischievous children getting into various beauty products,” said lead stylist Amy Farid for Bumble and bumble. To create the look, apply a gel oil from roots to end. The Kit: Bumble and bumble Curl Anti-Humidity Gel-Oil.

The Vibe: Overslept in CubaHow to Get the Look: ”They showed me a digital of a girl from the fitting and she had amazing, natural, air-dried hair,” said Bumble and bumble stylist Allen Wood. “Our goal was to recreate that very easy, slept-in, and slightly curly texture on all the girls. We’re doing a lot of small little twists today to style the hair—each girl is getting about 50 twists.”The Kit: Bumble and bumble Surf Spray, Dryspun Finish.

The Vibe: GypsettersHow to Get the Look: Apply mouse from roots to ends of damp hair, which will enhance your hair’s natural texture. Horizontally curl your hair with a 1 and 1/4-inch curling iron, leaving the ends untouched. Once cool, brush through and set with hairspray. The Kit: TRESemmé RESemmé Perfectly (un)Done Wave Creation Sea Foam, TRESemmé TRES Two Aerosol Hairspray.

The Vibe: ’80s BabesGet the Look: Hairstylist Odile Gilbert, referencing photos from American magazines of supermodels exercising and on the beach, slicked hair sprayed wet up into tight chignons with a few strands loose at the front for “a sexy touch–in French we would say ‘Follow me, young men.’” The Kit: Kérastase Créme de la Créme, Elixir Ultime Bi-Phase Spray Oil

The Vibe: ’90s sportGet the look: ”The clothing has a retro feel with borrowed textures and patterns from the 1800s. I wanted to pull a sporty look from that hair but didn’t want everyone to look robotic or the same,” said lead hairstylist Holli Smith who used Bumble and bumble Thickening Hairspray and Surf Spray throughout to give the hair ”grip.” For a similar style, pull hair into a small bun in the back of the head and secure with an elastic. Finish by freeing some strands around the face and behind the ears for a sporty feel.The kit: Bumble and bumble Thickening Hairspray and Surf Spray.

The Vibe: Frida KahloHow to Get the Look: Part your hair in the middle and pull into a low ponytail. Create a loose braid and secure with an elastic. Fold the braid up backward and wrap the ends around the base.  

The Vibe: Antonio Lopez drawings and watercolorsGet the Look: Hairstylist James Pecis twisted the hair from the back to the front , and pulled it into a bun on the side of the head. The ends were left out and crimped to recreate the frizzy bangs of the ’80s. The Kit: Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo, Touchable Hairspray, Power Cloud Repair, and Smooth Dryer.

The Vibe: UndoneHow to Get the Look: Pull your hair in a low half-up and secure with a clear elastic. Pull a small section from the ponytail and loop and do an unfinished tie, leaving a section swooped around. Secure with bobby pins. 

The Vibe: Rapunzel meets BeyoncéHow to Get the Look: Pull your hair into a high ponytail with ribbons attached at the base. Loosely braid all the way down and secure with an elastic. Weave the ribbons throughout to get your desired look. 

Spring 2017 Hair Trends – Spring and Summer Hairstyles Seen on the Runway

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