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The few people who do notice it and are annoyed have like 4

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When it stops working because Microsoft or Oracle decide to change something the C level folks are not going to care about the technical complexities, they just want it to work and not cost a lot of money.Then we can never forget about home grown VB/Access/Silverlight/Flash apps that someone made 10 years ago and is no longer with the company, but is still used everywhere and the business will literally grind to a halt if it stops working.To wrap this up, I am of t he opinion any C level employee in this day and age should have a good understanding of technology as it is ingrained and critical to 99% of all modern businesses. I don expect them to know C++ but they should understand the difference between open and closed source software, the differences between compiled languages and interpreted ones, and maybe most of all, to obtain and value the input of the IT architecture and engineering teams. Now you just need to find room in the budget, and afford the man hours, training, and licensing to figure out how to deploy and maintain that.Ford and Nissan both require you use that Adobe SVG Viewer plugin that hasn been updated since 2004 and randomly decides it needs to be reinstalled, and only installs on a per user basis.

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